A Cheap Purse Can Still Be Designer

Bags and purses are one of the most important accessories a woman can own. It is important that it is durable and attractive at the same time. However, a lot of women also want a cheap handbag as well, especially if they are going to own a lot of them. This article will show you how to make sure you get nice handbags and cheap purses that are also inexpensive.

One way to find a cheap bag is to look around at thrift stores. Pawn shops, thrift shops, and clearance stores will often have handbags and purses that are very cheap or marked down. There is no point in going to a regular department store to buy a bag when you could go to one of those places and get it for a much lower price.

Another way to find cheap purses is to be on the lookout for sales. Always look online or in your local newspaper for stores near you to see if they are having a big sale, and then make sure you go while it is still going on. The handbags will be marked down along with everything else and you will be able to find a cheap purse that way as well.


If you are worried that there will only be ugly bags that no one wanted, do not worry. Often times there are high quality bags there that people have given away because they do not need them anymore. This means there are a lot of bags with colorful designs or lots of pockets available to choose from. This is especially good if you are looking for a bag for every occasion, whether it be a small clutch purse or a large shoulder bag, because you will be able to get multiple bags for a fairly low price.

Many designer bags can be found at sale times as well, so if that is what you are looking for, you will be in luck because it will be cheaper then. You can also most likely find designer bags at thrift shops and places like that as well. It is a great way to find cheap handbags.

So, your best bet for finding a cheap handbag or purse is to go to a place where bags and more are marked down at a place like a thrift store, or where there is a sale going on. Not only are you likely to find a bag or purse in your price range but there will also be several styles to choose from. Happy shopping!

Stay Away From Gambling If You Want To Be Good At Finance

Gambling is an extremely popular hobby today, and is becoming more and more so every year. With advances in technology and the internet, it’s never been easier to enjoy casino style gambling. This ease of course beings in more risk, and not just to the pot. Gambling, like anything, can become an addiction as powerful as nicotine or alcohol, and like those substances can do an awful lot of damage.
Gambling has been known to completely ruin even the luckiest people’s lives in what seems like a flash. No one is safe from becoming too deep in gambling debt to get out safely.

The idea of betting property on the outcome of chance goes back as far as history itself. Along with that long history is the gambling loser, who placed too much faith in lady luck. When you win, there comes a rush of dopamine in the brain which makes the mind and body feel good, while reinforcing the need for repeat activity. Nearly identical to a methamphetamine or alcohol abuser. The psychological community has officially listed gambling as an addiction in the same vein as drug addiction. I know even my grandmother is addicted on websites to play bingo.


What at one point is nothing more than a fun time with friends can quickly become something the gambler needs in order for their brain to feel normal. Like any drug, gambling is something you build a tolerance for, needing bigger doses over time to achieve the same effect. It’s not a question of whether or not you can afford the costs either, because eventually you won’t be able to. At one point or another you will rationalize the amount you lose over other things. This can be considered a red flag for a problem beginning – when you place the addiction above other things you care about or need.

“I can pay the mortgage with my next check.” “I don’t need to buy that many groceries.” “When do I even look at my wedding ring anymore?” These are dangerous, seemingly comical, but very real internal dialogues people have had to justify or rationalize their addiction to gambling. Most casinos and the like even have automatic teller machines on site so you can more efficiently blow through your savings. Online gambling and internet banking has made pulling money and betting it against the odds even easier than ever before. It’s not an unreal statement to say that people have gone completely bust and even stolen money to feed their gambling addictions. Nearly everyone who regularly gambles will tell you a story of how they spent too much and had to cut back. The problem is, some people don’t know when to quit.

Gambling can be a fun way to spend time with friends and enjoy the atmosphere and excitement of a casino, or the rush of winning. The sad fact remains however that unless you can keep yourself in check of when to play and when to quit, you should avoid gambling. It’s all too easy to justify putting up more money than you really should, and the slope from fun to financially crippling is a slippery one indeed.

Want a Rolex Like Me? Here’s a Trick

A Rolex is a universal symbol for wealth and success. If you plan to buy a Rolex, then you probably already know just how much of a superior product it is. A Rolex watch is the epitome of perfection both in terms of design as well as in terms of engineering. Once you have a Rolex watch, it will become part of your legacy since it will be handed down from generation to generation.

Unfortunately, a new Rolex will cost you a tidy sum and the only people that you will find buying new Rolex watches are either celebrities of high net worth individuals. Some people may opt to go for replicas but they are not very good as compared to original pre-owned Rolexes. Luckily, many luxury watch dealers that stock quality pre-owned Rolex watches.

The following are a few reasons why buying a pre-owned Rolex will save you money

Dealer’s reputation

When buying a Rolex watch whether new, pre-owned, or rolex watches for sale it advisable that you know exactly who it is that you are buying from. You need to research thoroughly the dealer’s reputation so that you ensure that you avoid making a bad investment.

Just as you researched the model of the Rolex watch that you desired, you need to apply the same effort in learning more about the dealer. Things to consider include how long they have been in business and whether they deal in other luxury watches, and if they will service your watch.

Once you have established the dealer’s reputation then you can buy the pre-owned Rolex and this will have saved you money. Saving money here comes in the form of buying a quality product from a quality dealer as opposed to buying a replica with none of these things.

Servicing History

Rolexes require servicing on average every four years. The reason for the servicing is to make sure that the mechanics are well oiled and run properly. During every servicing session, every mechanism is inspected, oiled, and if necessary repaired. If you fail to service a Rolex properly, its performance may be damaged and this may hurt the overall value of the watch.


When you are buying the pre-owned Rolex, you will receive from the dealer the servicing history of the watch. This will save you money since you will have a full record of the servicing history and you will be sure that it will not develop problems down the road. Rolex repairs can be quite expensive.
Original Box and Papers

When a person buys a new Rolex watch, it comes in a box that is of almost equal importance as the watch itself. Every Rolex box is made of the finest material and features a beautiful design. In fact, original Rolex boxes are in such a high demand that buying a used box with no watch inside might cost you over $100.

Whenever you buy a pre-owned Rolex watch, you should get the original box and papers that will increase its value by 20%. When looking for the highest level of return on investment, you should ensure that you always get the box and papers. Having the original box and papers saves you money since as previously stated the box itself costs money and if you want you can always sell the box and make some money.

Original Parts

Whenever you buy a Rolex, it is good to verify that all the parts are authentic. Some Rolex owners, in an effort to save some cash will have their watches serviced by non-authorized repair centers. This may result in non-Rolex parts being used for repairs. People commonly customize their Rolex faces with new bezels and diamond faces. The dealer should know of this and should inform you.

The savings element of buying a pre-owned Rolex from a reputable dealer comes in the fact that you are sure that the watch has original parts and that you will not have to spend money replacing the non-Rolex parts which may cost you a lot of money.

Getting Appraisals

To ensure that you get exactly what you desire it is of great importance that you get an appraisal on the pre-owned watch. The appraisal lists every detail regarding the watch such as the manufacture number, serial number etc., as well as the retail replacement value. All these factors are important when getting insurance for your Rolex.

Requesting the appraisal from the dealer is a guarantee that you get exactly what you pay for. When buying the pre-owned Rolex, any reputable dealer should supply you with the appraisal free.

The savings element of buying a pre-owned Rolex with an appraisal ensures that you are not being ripped off. Before you buy the watch, you can bring your own expert to ensure that the dealer’s appraisal is fair and that you are not simply spending too much money unnecessarily.

Bridging Finance: Is Is Right for You?

Sometimes, people need a loan to help them while they wait for another loan. They may be starting a small business and need money to cover the initial costs. They may be purchasing a new home, and need money to cover the early expenses. Whatever the case, they need a way to get money right away.

These people may be able to get the money they need through bridging finance. This is a type of financing designed to get someone through while they wait for some kind of long term financing.

The name comes from what the loan does : bridge the gap between the time you apply for the loan you want and the time you receive the funds. While these loans tend to be fairly expensive, they also tend to be fairly short term. In most cases, these loans are only taken out for a few weeks.

In the majority of cases, the money a person receives from their new loan will be used to pay back their bridge loan. That way, they won’t have to keep making payments on two loans. They’ll be able to make payments on the less costly loan instead.


One of the most popular uses for bridge loans is in commercial real estate transactions. In some cases, you need to be able to close on a property fast, and you can’t wait for your loan to go through. This short-term financing allows people to get the money they’re after right away so that they don’t miss out on their property.

Because bridge financing isn’t standard, you’ll have to show that you need money quickly in order to obtain the loan. Lenders don’t want to give these loans out unless there’s a good reason that people need the cash sooner rather than later.

If you think you may be interested in this type of financing, you’ll want to look at the pros and cons. Calculate how much money the loan will cost you in total. Then look at the things you’ll be able to do if you get the money more quickly.

If the benefits of the loan are minor, you may just want to wait until your real loan arrives. Because you’ll be paying so much for the loan, you need to make sure that what you’ll get out of it is really worth the money you’ll be spending.

Talk to your lender about why you’re interested in interim financing, and see what they can offer you. They’ll be able to talk you through the process, letting you know whether you’re a good candidate for this loan, and what the total cost to you will be.

However, bridge finance certainly isn’t right for everybody, but it can be very beneficial in certain situations. It allows people to take advantage of opportunities they would have missed out on, and allows people to get the money they need when they need it. Talk to your lender and decide if this is something you want to look into further.